Power Devices

Discretes and Module Products

Power devices are essential for high-voltage, high-current circuitry, and Kyocera offers an extensive line that can help save energy in everything from consumer products to industrial equipment.


Kyocera offers various discrete products ranging from small-capacity products to large-capacity products in order to meet a wide variety of customer needs, including Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBDs)— with lower forward voltage drop (Vf) and faster reverse recovery time; and Fast Recovery Diodes (FRDs)— with high reverse voltage.

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Power Modules

Kyocera offers power modules adopting diverse packaging technologies in industrial fields requiring highly-reliable equipment and for the in-vehicle equipment market. As the effective use of electric power has become increasingly important, we offer power modules for inverters, inverter air conditioners and others.

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Stacks and Units

We offer stacks consisting of a power semiconductor and cooling fins; and units consisting of a power semiconductor and peripheral devices such as a motor drive circuit, control circuit, protection circuit and cooling device.

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