Kyocera's connectors to connect infinite possibilities by secure reliability

Kyocera's connectors are meeting a wide variety of requests from customers such as light, thin and short in size, high performance, multifunction, high-speed, high heat resistance, and high electrical current. They are highly reliable and utilized in a wide range of fields of communications equipment, automobiles, medical devices, industrial equipment, OA and AV equipment and so on. Kyocera's connectors contribute to the evolution of the electronics industry by a state-of-the-art technologies that meet the needs of ever-evolving electronic equipment.

Board to Board Connectors

Kyocera provides a wide variety of Board to Board connectors with the smallest starting at 0.35mm pitch which also have a narrow / low profile structure. Additional features can include a floating structure for absorbing vibration and minor misalignment of printed circuit boards, 125℃ operating temperature and high-speed transmission. Applications include automotive and industrial equipment requiring high contact reliability.

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FPC/FFC Connectors

Kyocera provide an extensive range of narrow-pitch, low-profile and robustly designed FPC/FFC connectors. These connectors have a reliable connection that is optimised for the requirements of high-speed data transmission and high operating temperature for use in automatic assembly and automatic optical inspection processes.

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Kyocera have released new ranges of Branch Connectors for Aluminium wire, Shield lock for de-attachable shield case and Wire to Wire/Board connectors that are suitable for applications including automotive and Industrial equipment.

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