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At the AMB 2022, Kyocera will show that productivity and sustainability are not mutually exclusive

Following KYOCERA Corporation’s commitment to carbon neutrality, the motto at the AMB, taking place in Stuttgart from the 13th - 17th of September, is to work on optimising technical possibilities, to increase productivity and simultaneously create added value through joint efforts. Among other things, some of the many exhibition topics, therefore, deal with sustainability and skill shortage. Particularly, the much cited latter topic requires savings and adequate solutions.

  • Industrial Tools

Kyoto/London - The KYOCERA Group presents a variety of cutting solutions for industrial machining and manufacturing at the AMB exhibition in Stuttgart. As well as top innovations for the construction of electric vehicles, these also include solutions for energy production (such as wind power technology). Key words like reliability, precision, versatility and sustainability are on the focus: as a tool manufacturer, Kyocera pays particular attention to the efficient and careful use of resources in the supply chain. In addition, the company is pushing to find more efficient solutions like identifying economical cutting values, material changes or digital solutions, in order to operate more sustainably.

AMB – the international exhibition for metal working – has become the industry’s leading trade fair and is one of the five most significant trade fairs in the world with this focus. From September 13-17, Kyocera will be present at the exhibition centre in Stuttgart, exhibiting at Stand J60 in hall 1.

Minimising CO2 emissions

The KYOCERA Industrial Tool Group is pursuing the long-term goal of reducing CO2 emissions within the whole supply chain in the cutting tools sector. Individual steps range from product development to purchasing, distribution, sales, processing, resource recovery and re-use, through to disposal. Through the ever-changing world, as well as the associated new set of challenges, the company expands its tool and service portfolio, and pursues an even more economical and sustainable approach. Additionally, the increase in productivity lowers CO2 emissions. For example, a CO2 emission calculator helps this. The tool calculates the saving potential in machining through the tool selection and individual parameters.

Highly efficient processing to save energy

High-quality processing with new tool solutions allows new ways of thinking. Here, for example, hidden processing errors, can be uncovered, eradicated and thus resources can be saved. In this context, the High Feed Milling Series (MFH) has been providing immense savings in production worldwide for years. Kyocera is now presenting an updated lineup at the AMB with cutting depths of up to 2.5 mm. In short, this means that there is an enormous increase in productivity through the development of high value-added tools. At AMB, it will also be possible to view tool portfolio extensions for next-generation components and for environmentally friendly industrial components.

Kyocera_diagram CO2neutral_web.jpg
Five key aspects for climate neutrality in cutting tools

Use of DX technology

“From a world of reflecting after processing to a world where we can see things before processing”- this is a quote from the Kyocera headquarters in Kyoto regarding digital transformation. The goals of this transformation are to reduce machining times, optimise machining conditions, identify machining problems and take countermeasures in advance. In order to actually implement these goals, the DX technology offers a dynamic and sustainable range of tools through analysis technologies. An example of this is the AI-based wear analysis assistant. The type of wear is determined via photo upload of the indexable insert. The tool will first be launched in Japanese and will be available in other languages soon.

Easy solutions for electric vehicles

In order to be able to generate a long range and thus attractiveness with heavy electronic vehicle batteries, a comprehensive weight optimisation of the structural components is essential. KYOCERA Unimerco has been working with specially developed tools for aluminum with low silica content for decades. In this way, not only efficiency and dimensional accuracy are taken into account, but also the demand for the lowest possible burr formation, especially for thin-walled structures. Here, Kyocera’s standard tools are also used as special tool solutions with PCD cutting edges that meet the high and strict requirements of the automotive industry.

Kyocera_Stator Housing Unit_web.jpg
Stator housing units made of aluminium with various tools that are necessary for the construction of such a housing unit (PDK stepped reamers; boring tools; milling cutters)

RE•NEW™ program expansion

KYOCERA Unimerco’s concept for tool maintenance offers a lot more than just the regrinding of tools. KYOCERA Unimerco established its first regrinding service back in the 70s. For more than 15 years, the company has offered this product, which is constantly improved to meet current standards. Tools with the predicate RE•NEWTM are guaranteed to perform the same or even better than a new tool. Up to 75% savings on processing costs are thus possible. The returned tool will then have not only the same quality, but also the same performance features. From October 2022, it will also be possible to overhaul the MagicDrill DRAs high performance drill bits of all sizes in the GM version- quickly, easily and of course under the promise of RE•NEWTM.

Tool Management

An efficient tool management not only ensures that the tool inventory is always up-to-date, but also, that bottlenecks can be avoided. The flexible and secured industrial machine solutions ensure the avoidance of unnecessary stock tying. Simultaneously, an overview is kept at all times over the use of tools at employee level. In this way, the cost of tools for departments, employees, projects and machines can be limited. It can also minimise or completely eliminate the need for staff to monitor inventory. The respective industrial machine solution is designed in such a way that the system automatically reorders as the minimum stock is reached. Moreover, through lower loss of and less outdated tools, the economic efficiency in operation is increased. It is also possible to manage re-sharpening and measuring tools as well as to create "virtual kits" (compilation of several tools in one process).

Kyocera TM container view_web.jpg
Easily combinable compartments allow for sufficient space in the smallest of spaces.
Kyocera_TM Composition 3 machines_web.jpg
The advantages of the industrial automation solutions can be viewed during the AMB 2022 in Hall 1, Stand J60. It is also possible to try it out yourself.

Overview of the AMB

Since 1982, the AMB exhibition- Internationale Ausstellung für Metallbearbeitung (international exhibition for metal working)- presents the highlights of the international metal working industry every two years. Now, the AMB has established itself as a leading trade fair of the branch and is one of the five most significant trade fairs with this focus in the world. The trade fair, which takes place in Stuttgart, showcases progress in products, technologies, innovations, services and concepts in the field of metalworking.

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