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KYOCERA Corporation wins iF DESIGN AWARD 2022 for “Moeye” Concept Car and “Anshin SMARTPHONE”

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Kyoto/London - KYOCERA Corporation has announced that two product designs – the “Moeye” autonomous vehicle concept car and the “Anshin SMARTPHONE” (KY-51B) – were awarded Germany’s prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD for 2022.

Kyocera Concept Car wins “Product Concept” Professional Concept


The autonomous vehicle concept car “Moeye” was developed as Kyocera’s second concept car featuring Kyocera’s proprietary automotive technologies. Moeye’s unique technologies optimize the driving experience by integrating the human senses of sight, sound, touch, and smell, plus a futuristic aerial display, next-generation optical camouflage technology to create a transparent dashboard, audio, lighting, and fragrance. With unique technologies designed to improve the passenger experience, Moeye provides a distinctive preview into the future of autonomous mobility.

Kyocera Smartphone wins “Telecommunications” Product


The “Anshin SMARTPHONE” (Japanese only) (KY-51B) is a full-featured smartphone with secure and easy-to-use functions ideal for first-time smartphone users, particularly senior citizens. This Japan-made device is available for the Japanese market only in pink gold and navy.


The iF DESIGN AWARD is sponsored by the International Forum Design GmbH and is known as one of the most prominent and prestigious international design awards, judging industrial products worldwide. Kyocera won the Design Award for the second consecutive year and this is the Company’s first win in the Professional Concept category.

Kyocera will continue to develop valuable, innovative designs that support comfortable lifestyles and communication for all and envision a dreamy future.

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