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Sharp, sharper, Shin White

The ceramic knives in the new Shin White range by KYOCERA are polished by hand following age-old traditions

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Kyoto/London − The Japanese technology company Kyocera is renowned for its fantastic quality ceramic knives. Razor-sharp blades and excellent cutting stability have won the company many admirers over the last 30 years. Now the company is presenting its latest innovation for the European market - the Shin White collection. The unique features of this knife collection are the tactile and ergonomically formed handles, as well as hand-polished, incredibly sharp ceramic blades. The timeless and elegant design of the ergonomically designed elastomer handle is impressively light, making cutting easier and safer. The collection, consisting of seven different knife sizes from 7 cm to 18 cm, will be available in retail outlets from June. The recommended retail prices for these knives ranges between €39.00 and €99.00.


High tech materials and premium design

Kyocera’s ceramic blades are made from outstandingly high-quality Zirconia ceramic, an incredibly lightweight and high tech material that is extremely hard and resistant to corrosion, and is also used in the space travel industry. The dense, smooth surface of the blade allows the user to make precise, paper-thin cuts, and does not leave behind any metal ions, which minimises odour and taste transfer between blade and food. The new Shin White series was developed to the highest design standards, and is available in a timelessly elegant white/black colour scheme - suitable for any professional or amateur chef.

Kyocera is able to make the most of the profound expertise it has gained since the company’s founding in 1959 with regard to materials and production technology in the field of technical ceramics, and continually expands its knowledge base. Even the high-quality kitchen products themselves benefit from this wealth of experience and quality standards. With outstanding cutting stability and durability, Kyocera’s ceramic knives have become a permanent fixture of the premium kitchen tool market.

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