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  4. KYOCERA offers sustainable and premium-quality coffee enjoyment with the new Coffee Grinder EG-70CF


KYOCERA offers sustainable and premium-quality coffee enjoyment with the new Coffee Grinder EG-70CF

Infinitely adjustable ceramic grinder, convenient battery operation, integrated collecting vessel - these are the technical highlights of KYOCERA’s new electric Coffee Grinder EG-70CF. For coffee-lovers, there’s something even more decisive: the KYOCERA coffee grinder allows you to enjoy premium-quality coffee that is also sustainable.

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Kyoto/London − The Multi Ceramic Grinder EG-70CF from Kyocera (recommended retail price, € 89.95) is ideally suited to grinding coffee beans to any desired degree of fineness. The robust grinder is made from zirconium-based ceramic and is infinitely adjustable. The device is very easy to use with just one hand, since the integrated collecting vessel safely holds the ground coffee until the coffee lover needs it to fill up their coffee machine. If the user does not stop the grinding process by hand, the EG-70CF will automatically stop after five minutes. The housing is made of robust and high-quality black plastic.


The Multi Ceramic Grinder rewards coffee-connoisseurs with an intensive and aromatic coffee experience using freshly ground beans. Fans of espresso-based hot drinks or of filter coffees, which are currently enjoying a renaissance, can extract the ground coffee just as easily and simply. Coffee experts agree that the intensive and pronounced aroma of this style of preparation cannot be achieved through any other form of coffee preparation.

Maximum aroma, excellent eco-friendliness and comparatively very low coffee costs

Don’t forget either that grinding a fresh portion of ground coffee and the subsequent preparation also makes the entire process very eco-friendly, in addition to ensuring maximum enjoyment. Coffee capsules made of aluminium and plastic are being met with ever sharper criticism. The Stiftung Warentest (a consumer organisation that compares goods and services) calculated that capsule waste in Germany in 2015 amounted to 5,000 tonnes of rubbish. The experts underline that portion packaging causes an unnecessary consumption of resources and extensive generation of waste.

Coffee that is ground using a high-quality and long-lasting coffee grinder such as the EG-70CF therefore not only wins accolades for its taste, but also for its eco-friendliness. And let’s not forget the cost – after all, grinding up a portion of coffee beans is the cheapest way of enjoying coffee. Enough ground coffee can be produced in one grinding process for up to two full cups of coffee.

Kyocera’s ceramic technology - already a staple in many household kitchens - ensures that the conical grinder releases the aroma of the beans as they are being ground, but does not rust or absorb any odours. Thanks to the coffee grinder’s infinite adjustments, coffee lovers can moreover adjust the grinder to create exactly the sort of coffee that they want - from finely ground for an espresso to medium fineness for filter coffees right up to coarsely ground coffee for preparation using a French press.

Kyocera coffee grinders, such as the new EG-70CF model (available from April), combine sheer coffee enjoyment with cost saving and sustainability. As a result, coffee fans shouldn’t find it too difficult to opt for this method of preparation.

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