Autoteollisuuden komponentit


Surround View and Sensing

Rear view and surround view camera modules based on our long-term design and production experience

Surround view cameras

Kyocera started production of automotive camera modules in 1999 with more than 6 million camera modules shipped as of today (*2016).

Surround view camera


  • In-house lens design and production for superior temperature characteristics
  • Lens coating technology depending on application


  • Distortion correction
  • Dynamic overlay
  • Image adapt function (windowing, zoom, rotate)

Kyocera is developing a recognition function as a one box camera concept.

The camera module integrated recognition function uses latest deep learning technologies which recognize objects by segmentation. This technology allows for the safe recognition and warning in case of approaching objects such as pedestrians, vehicles and bicycles while eliminating the need for a separate ECU and thus decreasing power consumption and dimensional requirements.